Welcome to the new revolution in On-Demand Delivery Services. Please place the service order with us to send your items anywhere in Delhi/NCR.
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Number of Items (to be transferred)

Cost of Items

Do you want to take Insurance of the items

Pick-up Location Address

Pick-up location's Contact and Mobile

Drop-off or Delivery Location Address

Drop-off or Delivery location's Contact and Mobile

Payment Method

From where to collect the payment?

This is how we do Pricing...

(a): Number of kilometers from PICK-UP to DROP-OFF (Calculated via GOOGLE MAPS) X ₹ 8.00(South Delhi) or  ₹ 12.00 (any other part) =  a
(b): Insurance Value from Above / 1000 X ₹ 1.00 = b
Insurance of Rider (flat charge) = ₹ 1.00 
(c) Sub-Total = a+b+1
(d): Service Tax (14% effective from 1st June'15) = c x 0.14
Total = c + d
Pick-up Location Disclaimer

"I accept that above information provided by me is correct and when the Star-Runners reaches at pick-up location, I will hand over my item(s) to Star-Runners on their responsibility to deliver at the delivery location. My items are insured as per the insurance I've taken from Star-Runners. I declare that I take full responsibility to pay for this service as per their invoice through the Payment Method as declare by me in the above column i.e. by cash-on-delivery or by account transfer. Failing to do so, I would be subject to the condition of fraud in Indian penal court and liable to pay penalty as asked by the board of this service provider company".
Thank You for placing service request with us! We will call you shortly..
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